CREESC, together with The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and The Energy Efficiency Department of Cluj Municipality have implemented a Project under the Fund for Bilateral Relations within Programme RO 05 – Energy Efficiency (EEA Grants), named “Enhancing the Transfer of Research and Development Methods in Energy-related Clusters from Norway to Romania- Empower Efficiency”.
The main objective of the project was the establishment of a cooperation base between the above mentioned entities and Smart Innovation Norway. Apart from this, the project intended to reach the following objectives:
– Know how transfer on Research and Development methods in greening and digitalization of the industry based on Norwegian best practices
– Understanding of the cooperation models between private entities and municipalities in drafting green cities strategies and plans in Norway
– Establishment of future collaboration opportunities between the involved entities

The first phase of the project consisted of a three-day workshop in Norway, where five representatives from Romania have visited Smart Innovation Norway’s headquarters in Halden. Besides, they have visited Smart Innovation Norway’s cluster partner Fredrikstad Energi and SIN’s pilot site at Hvaler. They have participated in meetings with representatives from Østfold University College in Fredrikstad and Innovasjon Norge (Innovation Norway) in Oslo.

The second phase of the collaboration project referred to participation of representatives from all involved entities at Nordic Edge Expo 2017 in Stavanger, a conference of a great importance, which had the main topics related to smart cities, homes and businesses. CREESC has benefit from a match making facility and had individual meetings with Innovation Norway, Norstal Institute and Royal Council of Norway.

In the third and final phase, two representatives of Smart Innovation Norway will come to Romania at the end of October. Besides, there will be a workshop for representatives from local communities, which aims to disseminate information about actions and solutions available to increase the local energy efficiency.